About Us

Learn more about our crazy family

What can we say? We’re cool, we’re popular, we like staying in dark places with lots of monitors and lines of code. We’re beautiful and interesting, talkative and full of ideas – just let us have our morning cup of coffee first.

We are proud of having a recognizable graphic design in all our games; we find our inspiration in comic books; and our storytelling skills are unmatched! Ok, they’re not but at least they are unique.

Some legends say that we liked the cliché of nerd-living-in-his-mom’s-basement so much that we set up our offices in a basement. That is slander, our lawyers will be hearing about this, but it is also totally true.

Just look at our pictures! Tell us how pretty we are ❤

And now, a totally random progress bars.

Importance of good storytelling0%
Graphics and Illustrations0%
Influence of Coffee on Game Development0%

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