El Loco

If you hate cacti (yeah, that's the proper plural form of "cactus") - this game is for you.

About This Project

Is there anyone out there who can cut down an endless cactus tree? We need a true timberman who can rise to the challenge, and use mad skills to conquer this spiky plant adversary. It’s time to tap tap tap as fast as you can and your character will chop chop chop the never ending cactus plant. It is one of those addictive games for girl and boy and you better have mad skills if you want to rise to the top. Pick up your sword, or ax, or scythe or even a guitar, since a true timberman can cut trees with any tool, and get to work. There are many games for girl and boy, but none of them are as fun as our El Loco. Anyone who is tapping games fan will go LOCO, once he starts playing. It is one of those games that don’t need wifi, which means you can play anytime you like once you download it. If you love tapping games and if you have quick reflexes then El Loco is just the game you are after.


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