And you thought fish are boring

About This Project

Help! Help! We need a tap hero to save fishes from Fish Doom in new tapping games! Embark now on this fish adventure in which big fish eat small fish if you are not fast enough! All you need in these fishing games is your fast tap skill to save fishes from the eerie shark! Tap tap the fish all day long! The goal is simple – save as many of them as you can! But beware! You do not have all the time in the world, so don’t tap on the garbage coming your way! It will only waste your time! Play fish games free now!

If you wish to become a part of this fish adventure the rules are pretty simple – tap on as many fish as you can! Lose 4 fishes and the game is over! FINITO! There is also the question of time…Well, it’s running out, and you will lose some more, if you click on the sea garbage. DON’T TAP ON THE GARBAGE! However the good news is that with every fish that you save you win an additional one second – so one more reason to put that fast tap skill to good use! It is known that big fish eat small fish, but what if you could help some of those tiny mischiefs escape from the jaws of a terrifying shark? Just tap tap tap as fast as you can! Fishing games need their new tap hero! Become no 1 on the high score board of these tapping games and let the world know who is the ultimate fish master! Download fish games free now and let’s warm up those fingers!


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