The itsy bitsy spider created his own game

About This Project

Hi, everyone! Meet Lumian, a lonely spider in a dark forest and play one of the best swinging rope games ever! If you like action games where you need to show your reflexes, have patience and think hard, you will love our little Lumian!

You probably have questions like:
– Who is he exactly?
– Why is he lonely?
– What is he doing in a forest?

Well our little forest friend is confused as well! Lumian cannot remember anything and all he knows is that he must eat flies that are flying all over the forest. Help this cute fellow solve his hunger problem and remember by playing one of the cutest swinging games! It’s your job to help Lumian the fly catcher eat as many flies as possible! But be careful! There are dangers that lurk inside the dark forest and you need to avoid all the obstacles! Catching flies is your main goal, but watch out, spider Lumian is very fragile, all it takes is one wrong move, one mistake and it’s game over!


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